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Roméo Elvis - Universal Music

Roméo Elvis Shop sells products of the Belgian artist Roméo Elvis. The main product is a pack containing a concert ticket and a limited edition of his upcoming album Tout Peut Arriver. My job on Roméo Elvis Shop : conception of the store on Shopify. Technical skills used: Shopify, Liquid, JavaScript, CSS.

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CRSHTST – Seb La Frite

CRSHTST is the merchandising store of the French Youtuber Seb La Frite (4,88 million subscribers).

My job on CRSHTST : conception of the store on Shopify.

Technical skills used: Shopify.

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Nona Source - LVMH

Nona Source is the first online resale platform which re-values deadstock fabrics and leathers from the most exclusive French Maisons de Couture.

My job on Nona Source LVMH: development of custom pages, custom sections and custom filters for the collection page.

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Lucas du Tertre

Lucas du Tertre is a clothing brand founded in 2004. It is recognizable by its colorful and original prints.

My job on Lucas du Tertre: I handled the store setup and all the back-end side (automations, product upsell and cross sell, etc.).

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Piece and Love

Piece and Love sells original and fun puzzles made from recycled cardboard and zero plastic.

My job on Piece and Love : migration of the store from Squarespace to Shopify, development of custom pages and custom sections.

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Stars Solidaires

Stars Solidaires organizes lotteries to raise funds for associations.

My job on Stars Solidaires: development of custom pages, custom sections and a custom sales counter. In the 2 months following its launch, the store attracted 180 000 visitors and generated 2 175 700 € of sales.

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Balzac Paris

Balzac Paris is an ethical fashion clothing, leather goods and accessories brand for women.

My job on Balzac Paris: day-to-day optimizations and customizations, after the store creation was made by a Shopify agency.

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OUD Paris

Oud Paris is a French fashion brand.

My job on Oud Paris: I handled the store setup and all the back-end side (automations, product upsell, product cross sell, custom “my account” page, etc.).

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"Je fais très régulièrement appel à Coralie pour donne des ateliers d'introduction au développement web et à la data science - en français et en anglais - à des punlics de non-initié.e.s. Coralie est une prof dynamique, patiente, à l'écoute et surtout très claire. Elle parvient à vulgariser tous types de contenus pour les rendre accessibles et compréhensifs au plus grand nombre. Les retours des participants sont toujours excellents et son accessibilité, le temps qu'elle prend pour répondre aux questions est très apprécié. Nous avons également travaillé ensemble sur des matinées d'ateliers de code dédiés aux femmes et à titre personnel c'est toujours un grand plaisir de travailler avec elle."

Anouk Hajage, Lead Marketing France at Le Wagon

"Coralie helped me to launch and customize my online store, and she was so helpful. Her client-centric approach allowed her to give me solutions that perfectly matched my needs. The fact that she is also a teacher is a very good point: her explanations are always clear and understandable, even for people without any technical background like me! She is smart, reactive and provides good advice. I do recommend!"

Claire Godeau, CEO of Naissance Publique

"Coralie is a great teacher, we loved her classes. She’s smart, she’s funny and her classes were really interesting, full of useful and up-to-date information. She always has a listening ear and adapts her classes to the audience on the spot. Thank you so much for your help with our final project, Coralie, you’ve been so patient!"

Eniko Guti, student at Le Wagon

Side projects

Shopify Costs Simulator

Find the most profitable Shopify plan for your business.

Technical skills used: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Heroku.

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Free Shipping Progress Bar

Upsell Progress Bar is an application available on the Shopify app store. It is a progress bar which fills up each time your customer adds a product to his cart, and allows him to unlock free gifts. Example: unlock free delivery at $30 or a free product at $100.

My job on Upsell Progress Bar : co-creating the app with Yann Lombard and Karim Garcia.

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Clapee is a social platform where music lovers can express themselves and give their opinion about concerts.

My job on Clapee: my friend Claire Gautier and I teamed up to develop the entire web application.

Technical skills used: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Heroku.

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Itinéraire d'une cinéphile

Itinéraire d’une cinéphile is a blog where I write reviews of movies and TV shows.

Technical skills used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku.

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Oussama Ammar's quotes

A website where I gathered Oussama Ammar’s best punchlines throughout his numerous talks.

My job on Oussama Ammar’s quotes: creation of the entire website.

Technical skills used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku.

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