Teacher at Le Wagon during projects weeks: building 2 products with 7 amazing students

I started teaching at Le Wagon on October 15th, 2019. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was a Tuesday. I did not get much sleep. I always struggle to sleep the day before an important day.

I was supposed to start the lecture at 9am but I was so excited I got there at 7:30am! I entered the building, went into the classroom and put my computer on the standing desk. I was ready. One thing was missing though: the students.

I spent an hour listening to music, then the 32 students started arriving. After a little chat and coffee, they all joined me inside the classroom. At 9am they were all looking at me silently, waiting for me to begin the lecture.

That’s how it all started.

I enjoyed this first day so much that I kept on teaching, in Paris and other cities. Le Wagon has 39 campuses around the world so my playground is huge!

In June 2020, Le Wagon Marseille offered me to teach during the projects weeks, which are the last 2 weeks of the bootcamp. How does it work? Students gather in teams of 3 or 4 to build a web application from scratch. This ultimate exercise allows them to practice all the things they’ve learned during the bootcamp… and more!

Teaching during projects weeks is at the crossroads of web development and product management. On the one hand, I help them debug their code and choose the right tool for each feature. On the other hand, I help them prioritize the features and organize their teamwork.

At Le Wagon Marseille, the batch n°373 was composed of 7 students: Laura, Magalie, Cyril, Kamel, Mathieu, Mokhtar and Vincent. For the projects weeks, they split into two groups.

The first group built an application called Brice Bricole. The idea was to help building craftsmen to organize and plan their activity. After signing in, the user can add all the projects he is working on, divide each project into tasks and mark them as done when they are. This way, he always has a clear vision of his advancement. And, if he falls behind on certain tasks, he can alert his client by sending him a text message directly from the application. Pretty cool, right?

Brice Bricole was a great opportunity for the students to implement interesting features: authentication, progress bar, search, pictures upload, sending text message using Twilio API, getting the day’s weather using OpenWeatherMap API, etc.

The second group built an application called My Lovely Trip. The idea was to help people share their traveling memories in an easy and interactive way. After signing in, the user can add all of his past and future trips. For each trip, he can list the activities he enjoyed or would enjoy doing there, for example skydiving. In addition, My Lovely Trip has a community aspect: if the user signs in with his Facebook account, he can see all of his friends’ trips and get inspiration for his next ones.

My Lovely Trip also was a great opportunity for the students to implement interesting features: authentication, Facebook connect, visualization of users on a map, search, ratings, etc.

I really enjoyed teaching at Le Wagon during the projects weeks. It’s a such a pleasure to watch the students bring their ideas to life in such a short time. A few weeks ago, they didn’t know how to code, they were complete beginners, and now they’re building beautiful products that people can use and enjoy.